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I2M is a design product manufacturing company that reaches out to the consumers’ heart with its product design, offering a joyful experience.Our products embody the designers’ philosophy and symbolism with the non-woven material’s special traits and the structural uniqueness of the product design.

We aim to realize the philosophy of “touching our consumers’ heart with a product that are satisfactory in both design and quality”.





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Additional Information

Lucky Rudolph is a nice reindeer welcomes any environment starting from the children's rooms. Its purpose is to make perfumed and with a perfect humidity environment. The product is also environmentally friendly because it does not use electricity but the natural evaporation of the water that through the tissue-paper particular allows a correct degree of humidity and with the addition of essences a pleasant scent. Material : tissue-paper, ABS. Color : light brown, red. Water capacity : 150 ml. Humidifying performance : 7,2ml/h. Size : 127x127x214 mm.