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I2M is a design product manufacturing company that reaches out to the consumers’ heart with its product design, offering a joyful experience.
Our products embody the designers’ philosophy and symbolism with the non-woven material’s special traits and the structural uniqueness of the product design.





We aim to realize the philosophy of “touching our consumers’ heart with a product that are satisfactory in both design and quality”.

NAMUM is originated by KAIST ID+IM and WORLD VISION, a non-profit organization in Korea. Certain profit of NAMUM products are being donated to needy children through World Vision. With the slogan of “ Social contribution of Design”, Namum values “ Long-lasting Sharing” most. Designed by ID+IM, manufactured by I2M.

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Additional Information

LOVEPOT HEART is an ecologically correct humidifier and diffuser, it does not use batteries or batteries, but uses natural water evaporation maximized by the particular tissue-paper that can also be washed without any problems. In this case the LOVEPOT HEART is part of the game series dedicated to the suits of cards and are delicious to collect all four suits.  Material: Felt material, ABS. Water Capacity: 250ml. Humidifying Performanc : 6.5ml/h. Size : 140*140*215mm. Color : red , white.