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Dayo is a manufacturer of candles since 1914, their candles are made of wax 100% vegetable thus are environmentally sustainable and generate light.
HAZE is a Warousoku candle, the wax is made from tree berries Haze (the family tree of lacquers, which grows exclusively in the west of Japan) handmade. Such wax covering a wick made with a long rectangle of paper Washi wound on a stick, which will be removed only at the end of processing, the card are added many layers of fibers extracted from Igusa plant (generally used to give a matt finish to the tatami) , until obtaining the classical empty cone-shaped inside. After all this work done by hand candle to candle, we obtain the finished product that brings with it the charm of the Orient and of much human labor.



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Additional Information

These candles produce a large flame that produces little smoke and little wax casting, the only thing is that the wick should be trimmed when the flame is too large to avoid a premature end of the candle. The candle has no fragrance.
 Material : Haze wax. Color : ivory. Size : box 95×170 mm -candle ∅ 14 mm x 145 mm. Set 6 candles made in Japan